High gloss polished tube for PET bottles
Sample of mold surface treatment before and after application of high gloss polishing
Output control - measuring of shape on profilometer
3D measuring of surface by equipment Zeiss
Detail of high gloss polising of injection mold
Sample of polished area on final molding
High gloss polished mold of baby pacifier
Illustration of difference in polishing of inner diameter area of cap shape
Polishing of mold - car bumper
Sample of laser engraving

The company Šlechta a.s. was founded on 28th of April 1997. In the field of technical and high gloss polishing, laser engraving, laser welding and surfacing the company has been providing first class services to all its customers and business partners right from the beginning.We also offer mould service and repairs.

With our more than 50 employees, we are the biggest company in Czech Republic performing polishing and welding of steel- and aluminium moulds.

Our goal is to achieve continuously high quality for our customers satisfaction, as well as to expand the range of our services.

Šlechta a.s. Is certified according to the regulations of ISO and our quality management system meets the standard CSN EN ISO 9001:2009.


Our company can be proud of the following advantages:

  • We are doing our work – technical and high gloss polishing with maximum precision and accuracy at best quality.
  • We have years of experience and wide range of satisfied domestic and foreign customers in our business field the technical and high gloss polishing.
  • We offer a unique service with our combination of laser welding and further manual processing to 25t weight.
  • Laser marking and precision engraving we offer by mobile equipment, where not decide size and weight of the part.
  • For smaller parts (max. 3t weight) we provide our own transportation service.


Šlechta a.s. sets great store by skills and qualifications of their staff - we employ only specialized personnel.

The company currently has 50-60 employees, all with extensive experience in toolmaking, polishing double-component multiple forms even in the automotive industry (headlights, bumpers, etc.).



Our employees are continuously trained and their qualifications and skills are further developed. We keep pace not only with our competitors, but especially with modern technologies.


ISO certification

Our company has introduced a quality management system and has acquired a certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009, which we successfully renew every year.