High abrasive pastes

Kalm Ultra Abrasive Diamond Paste (silver label) is the right choice for tool steels, copper and aluminum alloys. Ideally hardness around 54 HRC. Depending on the roughness of the initial surface and the desired result, the number of used fractions can be minimized. That is for example, use 3 µm diamond grains throughout the process. The result is perfect and optically clearer than regular paste. If there is a disturbance of the surface (optical lines), it is necessary to either refine the grain size of the paste, or to complete the process with fine regular pastes. A typical time for the polishing process of flat external surfaces is around 0.9 min/cm2. Compared to regular pastes, it therefore excels in its performance. The time saving represents 25% and it is also possible to reduce the number of fractions used in the process.