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Updated on: 15. 12. 2017


Dear business partners,

Our long-term target is shortening of distance between us and our customers and also increase of mobility of our employees.

Thanks to our dynamic expansion and increase of demand in the area of Slovakia we successfully realized opening of new workshop in Nitra (Slovakia). We believe that this is an important step forward and will have a positive impact on our cooperation that we really esteem.

Our workshop in Slovakia offers – without any limits – all the services that company Šlechta a.s. provides to its customers for many years:

  • High Gloss Polishing
  • Sandpaper Polishing
  • Laser Welding
  • Mould Service

                All of those we carry on at our workshop or at customer’s premises by using the mobile equipment. 

  • Laser Engraving
  • Other Services – measuring, professional training, courses


We are convinced that our new workshop will help us to fulfil also the time-consuming requirements.

We would like to thank all our customers for the favour showed during the past year and we are looking forward to cooperation during next one.


Šlechta a.s. crew


Updated on: 10. 2. 2017


Dear business partners,

We do believe, that you all step in to New Year by right foot and we are looking forward to further cooperation in this year 2017. We would like to inform you about structural and ownership changes, which recently happened.

Miroslav Slechta, the founder and former owner sold his 100% share to investment group Aakon Capital. Nevertheless, Mr Slechta still stay faithful to the company from the position of active member of Supervisory Board of Slechta company. “I am very pleased that the new owner of Slechta Company is Czech investment group Aakon Capital. After the acquisition, I see promising development of the company not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the other countries, while keeping the family business atmosphere. I will actively stay in the company to contribute in strategic development of the company” adds Miroslav Slechta.

New Chief Executive Officer of the company, Luděk Opatřil, who came into the company in the middle of last year with rich experience from the tool making industry, says: “I was really impressed by pro-client approach of the Slechta Company and the quality of services in in the field of technical and high gloss polishing of moulds, mould service, laser engraving and welding of metals, they provide to all their clients. I am very pleased that I will be able to participate in further improvement of our services and developing of current business relationships as well as build a new ones.” 


Thank you for your favour and we look forward to further cooperation.

       Šlechta a.s. Team