High gloss polishing

High gloss polishing is carried out on moulds made of:
  • steel
  • aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • AMPCO materials
Most common applications:
  • automotive (headlights - demanding for precision and shape geometry)
  • cosmetic industry (demanding precision and sharp edges)
  • medical industry (especially polishing of optics - demanding on the dimensions in the surface of the polished material)
  • glass industry
High gloss polishing is a technology that ensures minimal roughness and a highly decorative appearance. It allows to process simple and complex surfaces. The polishing process proceeds in stages from the coarsest to the finest surface finish using different abrasive materials. In the final stage, the highest gloss up to a roughness of Ra 0.001 is achieved using diamond pastes of various grits.

Our specialties

Polishing of milled and eroded surfaces at reflectors
Polishing to a tolerance of one thousandth of a millimetre - depending on roughness and dimension
Removal of cut-out block maps
Shaping narrow and deep U-shaped parts (mirror within a mirror)
Final polishing with a soft carrier to smooth edges, ripple the surface and remove or minimize "orange peel texture"
Polishing before and after coating
Polishing of multiple material types
Polishing components into assemblies
Polishing grooves for easy deburring
Sharpening contours and removing traces of program connections
Polishing of finishing electrodes
Preparing the surface for coating.

Risks of non-specialised polishing:

Over-polishing - over-polishing, change in geometry of shape
Failure to maintain gloss/design interfaces
Failure to maintain geometry and symmetry, change in shape
Edge shrinkage and irreversible damage to the entire mould
Limited possibility of compensation
Sealing edge fouling
Edge lifting and shape change in machine polishing

Technical polishing of mould cavities for de-moulding, painted parts and as preparation for chemical design

Do you need to technically polish challenging surfaces of various shapes and moulds? We offer you solutions of different qualities according to your requirements.

Application examples:
  • surface preparation for further operations (under chemical coating, surface for painting parts...)
  • preparation for PVD coating
  • finishing surface refinement for removing parts from injection moulds during moulding
  • preparation of copper and graphite electrodes for fine finishing eroding
Technical polishing is carried out on the following materials:
  • steel
  • aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • cast iron

The dimensional and shape accuracy of polished parts is maintained as standard.

In our premises we have the possibility of handling moulds up to 25 tons, larger and heavier parts are polished directly at the customer's premises.

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