LASER ENGRAVING  Of data fields, souvenirs, punches; mobile engraving

Part of our portfolio is laser engraving by fibrous laser. This precise modern method replaces hand engraving with conventional tools and eroding. Between classical engraving and laser technology there are in fact huge differences. Laser engraving is characterized by perfect accuracy and unprecedented speed. These features allow us to create flawless products at a fraction of time compared to other techniques. Laser engraving is very well suited for metal electrodes, ejectors, punches, and for injection moulds. We are using two quality fibrous lasers to create the marking or the actual engraving of the specified pattern or motif. Our lasers can create engravings in 2D and 3D. One of our lasers is mobile. Thus we can engrave also in places difficult to access as well as big tools directly at the customer site.


Perfect precision and speed