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Servis forem

We can provide you with repairs and complete service of production moulds. We take care of all the work that will keep your molds lasting a long time, save you early investment in new equipment, and keep production running with minimal delays.

Why is expert mould servicing worthwhile?

The cost of making an injection mould is often more than half the cost of the final product itself. That's why you need to give it professional care throughout its entire lifecycle.

An improperly maintained mould can lead to

  • malfunctions requiring service intervention
  • production shutdown

Properly performed preventive maintenance will allow you to:

  • reduce downtime
  • reduce the likelihood of major repairs
  • reducing the likelihood of breakdowns.

Our mobile team can also provide you with emergency service intervention.
Either on site using a laser welder or in our hall, including mould optimisation on the inking press.

VýhodyBenefits of working with us:

  • minimizing unplanned downtime
  • minimisation of scrap costs
  • maximum mould utilisation

We provide the following repairs and servicing of production moulds:

sealing of dividing planes
repair of damaged edges - micropulse welding, filing and polishing
opravarepair of improperly welded mirror surfaces - grinding, welding, polishing
repair of bumper moulds - laser welding, manual incorporation and weld polishing
optimisation of repositioned edges in mould cavities
welding of formers and weld machining + hardening
change of data fields - welding, sealing and new engraving.
repair of moulds for aluminium die casting
routine maintenance of moulds - cleaning and folding
replacement of worn parts - rings, seals, nipples

We can also provide you with:

  • repair of damaged chemical tread
  • plane polishing, e.g. standards for the coater
  • lapping o-rings for valves or plates for printers

We have a TUS 160 inking press from Reis Germany.

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