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3D Measurement

We offer the measurement of precision components on ZEISS 3D measuring equipment and ZEISS Calypso software

We also provide:

  • measurements on a profilometer and roughness gauge including the preparation of inspection reports
  • rental of our measurement capacities in case of insufficient customer capacity
  • inter-operation measurement of parts
  • measurements prior to the start of work - polishing, welding
  • measurements during the work - inter-operational measurements and measurements during the output inspection

We will provide you with measurement reports from the entire workflow.


We have the following materials as standard:

We have the following materials as standard: The sandblasting method is used to clean tools before polishing, to dull polished surfaces for better deburring or as a surface treatment for subsequent tool coating. Of course, sharp edges are protected by masking.

We use the following media for sandblasting:

  • F-150
  • F-220
  • B-120 Ceramica

In case of interest we also offer a medium according to your own specification.

The sandblasting chamber is 58 x w 40 x h 30cm.


We also offer the possibility of consulting on the materials used in the design of the moulds - their appropriate use for polishing, welding, or improving properties by coating.


Car fleet to the customer, moulds transport 500 - 1300 kg.

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