We specialize in coating forming and cutting tools with PVD, DLC and diffusion coatings.
PVD coating

We provide surface treatment of mainly metal parts with a coating with a thickness of 1 - 10 micrometers. PVD coating takes place in a vacuum chamber with maximum part dimensions of D450 x 700 mm. We use highly productive pulsed magnetron sputtering technology to maintain maximum surface smoothness for parts and forming tools.

We coat:

  • dies
  • moulds
  • broaching and rolling tools for forming metals, plastics and ceramics
  • moulds and cores for injection moulding machines up to 250 kg

DLC coating

We apply DLC coatings to:

  • machine parts
  • plain bearings
  • tools

Advantages of DLC coatings:

  • reduce friction
  • protects the tool against adhesive and abrasive wear
  • protects against corrosion
We have experience in series and piece production.

Diffusion coatings

Diffusion coatings increase the hardness of highly polished surfaces up to 1600 HV. This enhances resistance to abrasive wear and scratch resistance. A thick diffusion coating up to 70 µm deep into the steel and does not change the final dimensions of the parts. This coating is repairable by welding.

Our coatings

NOBILIS DLC-WLow friction, good toughness, combination with lubricants
NOBILIS DLC-TLow friction, abrasion protection
NOBILIS DLC-CVery low friction, low abrasion protection
NOBILIS DLC-TiSiSheet metal forming and bending, stamping
NOBILIS AlTiNMachining tools, abrasion protection, non-stick plastics (PA6)
NOBILIS AlTiSiNMachining tools for hardened steel
NOBILIS CrAlTiNHigh-speed machining tools, glass forming, temperature protection
NOBILIS CrONPlastic non-stick
NOBILIS TiNForming tools
NOBILIS SiOProtection of aluminium against oxidation
NOBILIS CrNForming tools, corrosion protection, non-stick plastics - general


CoatingHardnessThicknessOperating temperatureUsage
TiN2600 HV3 um500°CMetal forming
CrN2500 HV3 um700°CUniversal forming coating
AlTiN3500 HV3 um800°CCutting and machining
CrAlTiN2800 HV3 um1000°CHigh temperature tools
DLC-W1600 HV3 um350°CMold slip components
DLC-T2800 HV3 um300°CShearing tools

We are able to selectively mask and decoat all parts. We can also uncoat other suppliers' coatings.

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